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Robipenstrep P

Broad Spectrum Antibacterial Protection

ROBINPENSTREP Pā€™s Pennicillin G and Streptomycin Sulfate combination produces a synergistic effect possessing a high degree of effectiveness against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria which cause diseases in livestock and pets.

ROBIPENSTREP P gives broad spectrum protection against pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheatis, pleurisy, shipping fever, strangles, infectious enteritis, diarrhea, bacillary dysentery, mastitis, erysipelas, navel infections, foot rot and otitis externa.

Each 10 dose vial of ROBIPENSTREP P contains:
Procaine Benzyl penicillin ā€“ 1,500,000 units
Benzyl penicillin Potassium ā€“ 500,000 units
Streptomycin base (as sulfate) ā€“ 2,500 mg

ROBINPENSTREP P is available in 50, 10, and 1 dose vials.

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