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Universal Robina (URC) is among the biggest agro-industrial and commodity foods businesses in the Philippines.

URC’s Agro-Industrial Group (AIG) is consolidated under Robina Agri Partners which combines the strengths and experience established since 1956.

Today, it is one of the largest and well-respected agro-industrial companies in the Philippines with its fully integrated operations focusing on its business model – farm to fork.

Robina Agri Partners provides high quality feeds, veterinary medicines, and live animals – Poultry and Hogs – to the country’s livestock industries.

Robina Agri Partners also provides consumer products through their Robina Farm’s Premium Farm Products brand – pork meat and table eggs. Today, Robina Farms’ meat and eggs are being used by major hotels, restaurants, and key on-premise accounts due to its consistent supply and quality.

Vision: Kabalikat sa Pag-unlad

We are the best and most respected company that drives mutual and sustained progress with our business partners.


We manage complementary agricultural inputs to provide livestock and products of higher value and superior quality.

We deliver customized programs and services to address the individual and collective needs of our customers.

We continue to adapt our capabilities with the latest technological developments


INTEGRITY – We believe in transparency and fairness. We ensure credibility in dealing with our customers, co-workers, suppliers and shareholders. We promote and protect the good name of the Company and its Stakeholders through professionalism, trust and honesty.

PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE – We continuously challenge ourselves to deliver world-class products and services, resulting to customer satisfaction. We develop and adopt the best management and business practices. We bring out the best in people by challenging them to realize their maximum potential, ensuring ownership of quality work.

INNOVATION – We are driven by the desire to achieve and exceed our targets by continually improving ourselves and by being open to possibilities of doing things better. By so doing, we can surpass current limitations, take on new challenges and maximize existing resources.

LOYALTY – We are dedicated to our organization and to our responsibilities. We are committed to uphold the principles, aspirations and heritage of our Company.

Vincent Henry C. Go
Vice President & Group Business Unit General Manager

Gilbert D. Enriquez
Group Manager, Human Resources

Jonathan M. Dino
Senior Marketing Manager

Ruel Ramon Ong
National Sales Manager

Rafael Jose Ruiz
Group Manager, Supply Chain

Dr. Dante J. Palabrica
Director, Farm Operations

Dr Antonio Furiscal
Group Manager, Technology

Engr. Antonio M. Tenedero
Operations Manager, Manufacturing

Engr. Francisco D. Castillo
Group Manager, Engineering

Romuel Tan
Group Manager, Procurement

Lance Gokongwei (President & CEO, URC)

Did you know that JG Summit actually started with our company, Universal Corn Products, which was started by my father, John Gokongwei, in 1956. This opened the door for all of our businesses. Ngayon mas kilala niyo kami bilang Robina Agri Partners. That’s why Robina Agri Partners will always be the symbol of the heritage, strength, and sustainability of the JG Summit Group.

Sa Robina Agri Partners, we only have one goal, maging kabalikat ninyo sa pagunlad, real partners with everyone we do business. Our passion for excellence, and listening to your needs, preferences and experience, always guide our action and our growth because we want to remain faithful, and focused on our vision of being your Kabalikat sa Pagunlad.

Lance Y. Gokongwei
President & CEO
Universal Robina Corporation