Well-Conditioned, Battle-Ready Gamefowl
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Conditioning of gamebirds begins from chick to battle day. Make sure they grow healthy. Healthy gamefowls have advantage on winning in the pit over sickly battle stags.

To make sure battle birds grow healthy, there must be a good management and quality nutrition. This is what the Supremo team provides - quality feeds and veterinary drugs, and superb technical services. 

Pre-conditioning is a process in which we are preparing our feathered warriors, both mentally and physically, before moving to conditioning stage. This involves a very demanding daily routine - exercises from the cord, scratch box, and fly pen, then will be moved to the limber, will undergo sparring, will spend some time in the resting coop, and then back to the cording area. Deworming, delousing, bacterial flushing, high protein diet and other nutritional supplements are also part of the process.

Cockers and handlers have different ways in conditioning their warriors but the main goal is to put these game birds in their best possible shape and prepare them psychologically for the battle.

The high-protein pellet of Supremo, Fortifier 32, and its conditioning feeds, Supremo Power Optimizer, help cockers correct deficiencies that have not been addressed before this stage (maintenance phase). 

As for feeds mix, we can adjust it according to the needs of the game birds. For maintenance stage, ratio will be 60 percent of Supremo Infinity 3 maintenance pellets to 40 percent grains; for pre-conditioning, 60 percent Supremo Power Optimizer conditioning pellets to 40 percent grains; for conditioning, 40% Supremo Power Optimizer conditioning pellets to 60 percent grains. 

Pointing (having the correct moisture, total fitness, and sharpness) is one of the most important parts of the conditioning period and crucial stage before the scheduled fight of the gamefowl. When we fail to peak this, no matter how good the gamefowl has been conditioned and how good its bloodline is, chances of losing in the fight are high.

Internal moisture of the gamefowl is observed through their feces indicating they are starting to peak.

Total fitness is when we are able to bring our game birds in their best physical condition.

In a state of total fitness, they are sharp and alert.

Then there’s carbo-loading - a method used to boost glycogen level of game birds. Soaked cracked corn or cooked table grade rice is usually given during this stage of Pointing. 

During Keeping, the game birds is given 72 hours of rest before the time of the fight.

How can we know if the rooster is in its best fighting form? Each game bird has its own biological rhythm but there are some signs that can be considered:

  • Reddish shanks - sign of a healthy and well-conditioned rooster
  • Wagging of tail - sign of confidence
  • Calm but alert
  • Preening or stretching
  •  Feet, toes, and body are not too cold and not too hot - it is in its best shape and is ready for battle. Like human beings, when the body of fighting cock is hot, he can be sick
  •  A fighting cock that head knocks due to partial dehydration is a well-pointed rooster and ready for battle. 
  • Shiny and smooth feathers - adequate moisture in their body

Keep in mind that one of the most important parts of conditioning is the rest period. They need it so that they can reload energy which they will need during day of fight.

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