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Universal Robina (URC) is among the biggest agro-industrial and commodity foods businesses in the Philippines.

URC’s Agro-Industrial Group (AIG) is consolidated under Robina Agri Partners which combines the strengths and experience established since 1956.

Today, it is one of the largest and well-respected agro-industrial companies in the Philippines with its fully integrated operations focusing on its business model – farm to fork.

Robina Agri Partners provides high quality feeds, veterinary medicines , and live animals – Poultry and Hogs – to the country’s livestock industries.

Robina Agri Partners also provides consumer products through their Robina Farm’s Premium Farm Products brand – pork meat and table eggs. Today, Robina Farms’ meat and eggs are being used by major hotels, restaurants, and key on-premise accounts due to its consistent supply and quality.

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