10 Tips in Raising Healthy Pigs
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1. Ensure a good shelter by cleaning and disinfecting the pens prior to their arrival

2. Provide good quality water and add Spectrum to the drinking water least two days before transport and continued 3-5 days after arrival

3. Provide proper ventilation in the house and practice regular cleaning and biosecurity measures.

4. Provide feeding through where all pigs can eat at the same time.

5. Do not mix big and small animals to avoid bullying. Group pigs according to their sizes not ages. Separate weak ones.

6. Do not immediately change the kind of feed given. Gradually shift within one week period

7. Handle the pigs carefull during transport. Place beddings of straw or grasses at the flooring of the vehicle to protect the legs and feet of the animals.

8. To minimize fighting, give the piglets “toys” like ropes or balls to keep them busy

9. Maintain a record of your farm i.e. Vaccination and medication program, feeds inventory etc.

10.Encourage pigs to eat more. Choose a farm tested feed, which is hygienically produced and passed feed quality standards.

Ensuring a high feed intake during the early post-weaning period is highly important. Research and experience has repeatedly demonstrated that low feed intake during the early post-weaning period severely limits growth potential, increases temperature and management requirements, intensifies morbidity and mortality, and reduces turnover of facilities and capital. In general, for every 100 g of extra feed per day consumed during the first week post-weaning, body weight increases by 1 to 2 kg at the end of the fourth week post-weaning. This has a dramatic effect on overall performance during the growing-finishing period as pigs that barely maintain their weaning weight during the first week post-weaning may require an extra 10 to 20 days to reach market weight compared to pigs that grow at their pre-weaning gain rates during the same period.


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